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LOR Spotify Playlist - Vol. 1
We've curated the right tempo to keep you both juiced up to work from home or simply sustain positive vibes to coast through this quarantine season.
Austin Bold FC 2020 Season Kick-Off
The team is a powerful force united from all parts of the world. They plan to showcase their skills while forming a unique Austin community
Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Wardrobe this Season
The goal here is not to win the party's ugliest sweater contest. You want your pieces to be understated while still remaining noticeable.
Our 5 golden rules to finding the perfect suit
There is so much more to tailoring than tuxedos and wedding suits. The key to picking out a suit is to make sure it is right for the occasion.
INTRODUCING League of Rebels’ new partnership with Austin Bold FC

League of Rebels is excited to announce we are the official menswear partner of United Soccer League's, Austin Bold FC.

Introducing 3D Wool by Tollegno 1900
3D WOOL®, a wool fabric characterized by high elasticity, presented in both mono and bi-stretch
How To Buy A Suit Online
It's said "clothes maketh the man" and there's few things more important for your working wardrobe than an investment in the perfect suit.
Our Favorite Spots in Seoul, Korea

In the world of Speakeasy's, Seoul certainly has it's key place in our books. 

We explore the exclusive nightlife of Gangnam in Seoul..


COTA racetrack at 138 mph in the Lamborghini Urus.

Best Austin Spots for an 'Old-Fashioned' Cocktail

I'm not much of a cocktail drinker, at least not since after college graduation. However, there is a single cocktail that remains dear to my heart. In some crazy way, it is also a test for establishments that I visit, and whether I should frequent them thereafter. 

Our Top Austin Hangout Spots for 2019

We don’t have to remind you that Austin is the coolest city in the U.S right now!

League of Rebels Spring/Summer 2019 show at Austin Fashion Week (Fashion X Austin).
Rebel Guide ~ 18 Hrs in New York
With 18 hours to kill in New York on my last business trip, it was non-stop for me in what I call a 'Mad' world of a city..
How to wear a suit in Summer

There is a school of thought that, come summer, you should ditch wool suits in favour of linen or cotton. Both are great fabrics, of course, but they lack the resilience (linen crinkles easily, while cotton shows signs of age) of wool.

In fact, wool is still the best fabric choice for suits, even when the mercury begins to rise. Because it is a natural fibre, wool breathes and can help keep you cool in the warmer months.

Wearing a Suit Makes You Think Differently

Some psychology research in recent years is making an old aphorism look like an incomplete thought: Clothes make the man… Yes? Go on?

Clothes, it appears, make the man perceive the world differently.

Cleaning A Wool Suit
For many men, a great wool suit might be the most expensive piece of clothing they’ll ever purchase. So it stands to reason that you would want to take care of and keep clean your investment.
Guide To The Black Suit
The Black Suit – Introduction to the Solid Black Men’s Jacket and Trouser The black wool suit is an imposing piece of menswear:  somber, formal, and dignified.  Its austere severity makes it an intimidating purchase, but an invaluable addition to the right...