Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Wardrobe this Season

The Wardrobe at League of Rebels

The holiday season is upon us and this means a sharp uptick in the amount of great food and drinks to be enjoyed with friends, family and close acquaintances. Holiday parties are in full swing, this guide from League of Rebels will give you the perfect opportunity to add a dash of holiday spirit to your wardrobe for any Christmas or New Year's event.

It's All in the Details..

The goal here is not to win the party's ugliest sweater contest. You want your pieces to be understated while still remaining noticeable. The trick is not throwing everything except the kitchen sink of holiday joy onto your outfit. This means avoiding kitschy holiday patterned suits (you know the ones) and brightly colored jackets, pants and shirts.

Our thoughts at League of Rebels is that bright holiday colors such as reds and greens should be reserved for accessories; such as neckties, pocket squares and socks. Used correctly, these small accessories can give your outfit that nice pop of color that will attract the right kind of attention. It will also give your fellow party goers something to comment on and make conversation.

Pocket squares especially provide plenty of room to experiment with seasonal patterns such as tartan or houndstooth as well as holiday colors like burgundy or mulberry (we recommend silk). They can also be folded and readjusted in a multitude of ways to tailor just how much pattern you want to show throughout the night.

When it comes to neckwear you can go a couple directions. A solid colored necktie in a seasonal color shade is a quality choice and can be paired successfully with  a loudly patterned pocket square without seeming too tacky. If you're a bit more adventurous, selecting a seasonal pattern like tartan for your necktie will make you the center of attention, just be sure your jacket pattern doesn't clash.

Bowties are also on the table and can be a bit more playful than a regular necktie, and perfect for any cheerful holiday event. Steer clear of novelty Christmas neckties that feature loud colors and obnoxious patterns, these will make you appear incredibly unfashionable.

The one accessory you can get away with being a bit louder with is your socks. They aren't necessarily going to be seen as much and your fellow party guests will appreciate a cheeky glimpse at a colorful holiday print. If you want to ensure you don't lose the illusion of creating height by matching your trousers and socks, just be sure they're both the same hue.