Our Top Austin Hangout Spots for 2019

We don’t have to remind you that Austin is the coolest city in the U.S right now!

With all the new things springing up around us here everyday, the quest to find the best hangout spots that matches our pallet is ever evolving.

In 2018 we discovered and bought memberships to a host of cool spots. Now, looking forward at 2019, we’ll share with you the spots we’re most excited to spend our 2019 nights out in Austin.

Above all, the most important thing for our below decision is service. These establishments know just how to make every guest feel presidential. Attention to details, and the drinks top of our reasoning of course! 


This secret gem is nestled behind the crazy partying crowd at Greenlight Social - but is a completely different world, if you make it past the false wall.

As with most Speakeasys, no photos allowed in here. Hence, you privacy will remain intact. Always a great chilled crowd that simply like the '“better” options in life. The drinks are very well made, and we must say their ‘Old Fashioned’ have now sky-rocketed to the top of our list !!!

P.S - If you’re able to make it inside, find Jacquline! She’s ‘The’ diamond amongst diamonds..


Our new favorite spot to watch the Austin sunset.

We find it really hard to believe this space was formerly an actual garage. What a waste it was… However, we now get to enjoy it loads. This officially opens up to the public in Summer, but we have our ways! 😉


Our go-to underground spot for discreet and 1-on-1 hangouts!

Here, you get to connect intimately with your companion or group in a private section - not the usual Austin meet everyone or new people. So, if you looking for a focused night out and more dedicated attention from your waiters and awesomely crafted cocktails, you want to join us at the London underground style spot.

You get the address and your gate code upon confirmed reservation - or you call your LOR concierge to get you in..


Put simply, this hot dinning spot is out top pick for food, prior to a night out drinking!

Vegan 🌱 options included.