Our Shirts

World-class craftsmanship, premium quality, creative innovation and diversity in style. These qualities define everything you would expect from a League of Rebels shirt. Cut from highest quality fabrics made from 100 % premium cottons – the Collection comprises classic, yet contemporary business styles. We continually push the boundaries by fusing technology and elegance in both the fabrics we use and styles offered.  

100 Series

Our entry level dress shirts will feature casual as well as work ready business shirts in a variety of styles and colors.

The collection features our handmade shirts in 100% Mercerized cottons and luxury oxfords styles, featuring top quality, great functionality, and performance for everyday business and pleasure. 

200 Series

Our mid-range shirts comprise of a mixture of updated classic styles and timeless designs with all-natural fibers. 

Offering functionality and eco-friendliness with the 200 Series. In this collection, we introduce our Bamboo performance fabrics, while maintaining our luxurious feel and high-level of craftsmanship. 

 - UV Protection, Super-Soft, Anti-bacteria, Moisture wicking, and Thermo-Control are some of the many benefits from these natural fibers. 

300 Series

Our ultra-premium collection offers a mix of evening and executive business shirts.

Updated classic styles of timeless elegance are combined with our modern interpretation for impeccable looks. Old world craftsmanship and tailoring design stays through to our 300 Series. 

This collection offers exceptional style and play for businessmen seeking uniqueness and elegance.  Silk-protein finishing, luxe cotton fabrics, and advanced fabric designs are also distinctions to this series.